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Registration to attend the ICPC Plenary is complimentary for up to two representatives from each Member organisation and for the presenters of all accepted papers.

Member Delegate Registration The Member Delegate Registration Form is for completion by delegates directly employed by a Member company. ICPC Membership provides for two delegates to attend per Member company. If more than two delegates wish to attend, the ICPC applies a charge for each additional delegate.
Presentation Abstract Submission Please use this form to submit your abstract for a paper to be presented at the 2019 ICPC Plenary in San Diego, California. Abstracts are limited to 500 words and will be submitted for adjudication in a standardised format so that abstracts can be judged on content alone. Abstracts must be submitted no later than Friday 8th March 2019. The ICPC will evaluate all submissions based on content, relevance and quality.
Presenter Registration The Presenter Registration Form is for completion by external speakers (not ICPC Members).
Guest and Observer Registration The Guest Speaker and Observer Registration Form is for completion by ICPC Plenary invited Guests and Observers.
Exhibit Registration The ICPC Plenary provides a unique opportunity for any company that wants to market its products within the submarine cable industry. All meeting tea/coffee breaks are held in the exhibit area thus maximising opportunities for dialogue. The terms and conditions for exhibiting at the ICPC Plenary are comprised in the Exhibitor Agreement, a copy of which can be downloaded here [?].
Exhibit Attendant Registration The Exhibit Attendant Registration Form should be completed by each person who will accompany an ICPC Plenary exhibit. A maximum of two exhibit attendants are permitted to represent each exhibit and attend the 'Open Session' of the Plenary.